Perfect, Just the Way You Are

The other night, I was reading with Chad, our 23 month old little boy, before bed.  We were reading Corduroy.  I am sure many of you have read it when you were little or maybe you have read it to your children.  For me, it had been a long time since I had read that story.

To summarize, Corduroy is a little bear that lived in the toy department of a big department store.  This little girl, Lisa, spots Corduroy and says to her mom, “Look!  There’s the very bear I’ve always wanted.”  The little girls mom responds by saying “I’ve spent too much already.  Besides, he doesn’t look new.  He’s lost the button to one of his shoulder straps.”  As the Mother walks Lisa out of the department store, you can see that they are both so sad to part.  Corduroy had not realized that he was missing a button, and so that night he goes looking throughout the department store, in search of his lost button. While on his search, he is found by security and placed back in the toy department.  The very next day, the little girl was one of the very first customers to come in.  She grabs Corduroy and says, “I’m Lisa, and you’re going to be my very own bear.  Last night I counted what I’ve saved in my piggy bank and my mother said I could bring you home.”  When they got home, Corduroy looked around and saw that right next to Lisa’s bed was the perfect little bed, just for him.  Corduroy says to Lisa, “This must be home, I’ve always wanted a home!”  Lisa sat down with Corduroy on her lap and began to sew a button on his overalls.  She said to him “I like you the way you are, but you’ll be more comfortable with your shoulder strap fastened.”  “You must be a friend,” says Corduroy, “I’ve always wanted a friend.”  “Me too!” says Lisa as she gives him a big hug.

I finished putting Chad to bed and went into the living room.  I grabbed Peyton and held her tight.  I couldn’t help but start crying.  I felt so much the way Lisa did about Corduroy.  We will do everything that we can to help Peyton to become the best that she can possibly be.  With her therapies, all of her doctors appointments, her growth hormone shots….we will sew on her missing button.

In life, it is easy to get carried away with perfection, when really, perfect doesn’t have to be perfect at all.  To us, Peyton, you will always be perfect just the way you are.


5 thoughts on “Perfect, Just the Way You Are

  1. Whether Peyton has a disability or not, you would do whatever you can for her and for Chad to help them meet every challenge successfully and to be the Mother Bear at all times. Do you remember the gymnast on the German Olympic team this summer long past 30–in fact something like 37 who had once been on the Russian gymnastics team? Her son had either polio or cancer, I can not recall which, but she had to resume her gymnastics career in order to move to Germany and pay for the medical care he needed. It’s part of the territory of being blessed with children. You are already on the Olympic team and are winning gold every day. xoxo

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