Thank you to all of you. Thank you for all of your support, and for your words of encouragement. We feel so fortunate that we have surrounded ourselves with such magnificent friends and such amazing family. I was scared to open up and to share some of our closest, deepest emotions. Thank you to all of you for making me so thankful about my decision.

When we were told about Peyton’s diagnosis, it was devastating. That night, our world changed. There is no doubt that this has been the most difficult thing I have had to deal with in my adult life. After the doctor’s discussed Peyton’s condition and gave us some details about Prader-Willi Syndrome, Brent so gracefully thanked them and let them know that we needed some time together to digest this information. After they left the room, we cried, we held each other, we held Peyton, and Brent looked at me, and he said, “We will love her so much”. Those were the first words Brent said to me. At a time when our future had changed forever, our expectations were unknown, and we were flooded with emotion, those were his first words. So, when you say these amazing things, when you write such beautiful messages, please know that I wouldn’t be here, in this place, if it weren’t for my amazing husband.  I am so thankful for Brent, for his courage, his strength, and his unconditional love.

When I think about going through this journey, I cannot imagine doing this with anyone else. I always knew I married the most amazing man, the perfect man for me, and when he handled Peyton’s diagnosis with such grace and such positivity, in that moment, with all of the emotions, through all of the devastation and sadness, I fell in love all over again. I knew, right then, that we were capable of doing this, we were going to be able to make Peyton’s life amazing. What I did not know, what I had not realized, was that she was going to give us more than we could ever give her. She was going to change our life forever. For this, Peyton, we are so appreciative and thankful for you.

I am thankful for so many things, for our family and our friends and the amazing support that we have received, for our beautiful children, Chad and Peyton, for my amazing husband. Thank you to all of you for supporting us and pushing us on this journey. We are so thankful for all of you.


7 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Renee, you continue to amaze me every day. Your ability to put one foot in front of another as you go on this journey. The ability to juggle Pey’s doctors, to E-mail them, to make appointments, to struggle to get them to be on the same page when you know more than they do about PWS (because of all the research you’ve done and all the people youve talked to) We are so proud of you. And we are so proud of Brent. He is the best father ever. He is so hands on with his children and he loves them so much. HE IS AMAZING. We are also so proud of him. you are an amazing couple. We are so honored to be on this journey with you. W e will be there for you and help you in any way we can.

  2. Reenie…you have always been the strongest and most beautiful person I know and your words cannot be more of a reflection of this! You handle all of life’s adversities with such grace and class and there is not a person who knows you who can’t learn to be a better human being from the way you live your life! I love you and your PERFECT family….With Love, Trish

  3. My Precious Renee, I am so thankful to the light, the universe, that allowed me to meet you and get to know you. You are such a enlightened soul, so incredibly magnificent and good. You reveal so much light in the world, more than you will ever know. Please keep on writing. I love reading your blog. with lots of LOVE, Dana

  4. Hey Super Busy Mom and Dad, Until a situation arises where we are tested in ways we never imagined we do not know if we can meet those challenges with the courage and fortitude that we would like to believe that we have. This ‘love letter’ to Brent is a Valentine he will treasure forever and a testament to the team you have formed as a family. We have a child in our family, my sister’s grandson, who has Dravet’s Syndrome which was further exacerbated by spinal meningitis. I do know the challenges of time and energy, as well as the hope, the fear, the devotion and dedication for a child who needs special care. I can not offer you any greater applause than my admiration for your devotion to Peyton, and the fierce determination that you both have to give her every possible emotional and medical advantage to develop as a strong and healthy little girl. Your love for your family is so transparent through your blog and what you do. If all children and husband could be so fortunate! Our very best,


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