Happy Mother’s Day!

IMG_0684Happy Mother’s Day!  Wow, it is amazing to think that it was just a year ago this weekend that we received Peyton’s diagnosis.  I am in awe at the progress we have made in this first year, the progress Peyton has made and the progress we have made as a family.  I do not even know where to begin.  March and April have brought big changes.  In March, Brent moved the office from Sherman Oaks to Torrance, and on April 1st, we moved our family from LA to Orange County.  Where do I begin…we are just so happy to be here. While we most definitely miss our friends and family in LA, we are thrilled to be in such a family friendly area and so close to my parents!

But, there is more!  On April 14th, we flew to Florida to meet Peyton’s specialist, Dr. Jennifer Miller, which was truly awesome.  After Peyton’s diagnosis, we started reaching out to other families that had children with PWS, and we heard over and over about Dr. Miller.  I called her soon after and was amazed that her nurse passed my call directly to her.  I spoke with Dr. Miller for 20 minutes about Peyton, what we needed to do now, and that it would be best to see her when Peyton was a year old.  So… we started planning our trip.

Our meeting with Dr. Miller far exceeded our expectations.  We went into the meeting with some anxiety.  We felt like we were in a really good place with Peyton, that she was making so much progress, and we really did not want to have to focus on what was too come.  Not that we were in denial, but this first year has been a roller coaster of emotion and we were just enjoying where we were at right now.  Dr. Miller gave us so much hope for Peyton and her future, she eased our anxiety, and made us feel like the potential was endless.  We now feel like Peyton is currently under the care of the best doctor for her.  PWS is a rare condition and where some specialists see 10 patients a year, she sees 450.  People come from all over  to see her.  We know that the right regimen for Peyton, therapies, growth hormone, supplements, and support, will make a big difference in her future.

Peyton turned 1 on April 18th, it was such a happy day with so much to celebrate.  Then on April 22nd, Peyton’s G-Tube was removed (her feeding tube).  I cannot tell you how happy this makes us!  Peyton is eating enough food on her own that she no longer needs it.  We are in a really good place right now and we are so thankful to everyone for their support and prayers because we feel like they are being answered.

Peyton has taught us so much in her first year of life, she has refocused us on what is really important.  She has taught us to slow down and enjoy the little moments, to cherish our time with our families and our friends, and that beauty shines most brilliantly through the imperfections.  This is the best Mother’s day ever.  I love my amazing family.


5 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. What a wonderful experience for your family. Having a very sick child so many years ago and finding the right doctor, is a true blessing. Thank you for sharing this momentous occasion with us. Love, Joan and Milt

  2. I have always thought you were an amazing young lady, but you have really grown up to be an even more amazing mother! I love to read your writings about your beautiful daughter, Peyton, and to hear about her progress, but also to hear about the love and joy she has brought to you and your family. God could not have chosen a better family for Peyton…she will grow up with so much love and support that I am sure she will far exceed everyone’s expectations. I too am very excited that you are back in OC and so close. I have yet to get to hold your little ANGEL and I’m very much looking for that opportunity. I also want you to know that I still have a lot of extra love in my heart and would gladly love to help you out with either, or both of your beautiful children if you are ever in need for someone. May The Lord continue to bless you and your family with nothing but good news, joy, laughter and lots and lots of love. My He continue to keep His arms wrapped around little Payton and allow her to continue to grow, learn and enjoy her life. All my love always and forever, Bobbie

  3. Crying major happy tears for you. It’s been such A joy to watch you grow this year. Peyton is so amazing and you are both so lucky to have each other. The picture of her in her cute little outfit is just precious and I’m so happy for all the wonderful news. On the flip side, we miss you like crazy up here and want you to come back!

  4. More than ever I marvel at your spiritual, emotional and physical stamina. Little Peyton has carried you and Brent to discover sources of inner strength, dedication, resolve and determination that you may never have been aware of without her needing you to find them. Even in most clouds there are silver linings and you have found them. Bravo to all of you and may the joy that you are finding anew each day with both of the children continue to bring you the energy you need to pursue your dreams for them.

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