Wow, It Is 2014 Already!

IMG_2261Happy New Year!  Wow, it has been a long time since I have posted and one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to post more regularly to update everyone on Peyton’s progress.  To start, we are SO thankful for 2013.  At the beginning of 2013 I made a day planner (I know, who uses those anymore), and on the cover I had printed “Making Miracles Happen in 2013”.  To summarize everything that happened last year, in April, Peyton stopped using her G-tube (feeding tube), she started crawling in July, she was standing (assisted) in August, in October her G-tube sight was surgically closed (no more leaky milk from her belly-I know, gross, and her scar is healing beautifully), in November she was officially cleared of her oxygen (goodbye oxygen tanks!!!), she started talking  (baby-talk, mama, dada, chad, tickle-tickle, kitty-kitty, etc), and she took her first steps on Christmas Eve (the best Christmas gift EVER)!!!!  She is not walking yet, but almost.  So all of this equals miracles in 2013!

In November of 2013, we participated in the One Small Step Walk for Prader-Willi Research.  These walks are hosted all over the World.  In 2012, we attended the walk and I cried the first moment I introduced myself and told them that Peyton had PWS.  In 2013, we set up a fundraising page, our family and friends walked with us, and we raised close to $10,000.  We were overwhelmed with the generosity, love, and support.  It was truly an uplifting event that offered so much hope and the greatest part, ALL of the proceeds go towards research.  In 2013, $1.3 Million was raised through these walks. This year, we hope to start a walk in Orange County.  To be honest, I am hoping to have the courage to take that on:)

We have learned so much from Peyton.  She has taught us to accept help, to tell our story, to share our deepest thoughts, emotions, struggles, and triumphs.  Peyton has taught us that we are more capable than we ever imagined.  She has taught us pure joy.  She gives unconditional love and in return she has taught us the true meaning of unconditional love.  I think back when Peyton was diagnosed and I remember feeling like this was not our plan, having a child with a disability was not our plan for us, for our family, and most definitely not our plan for Peyton.  We acknowledge that although this was not our plan, that this was part of a greater plan.  It is a challenge when God’s will is not  your will, but trusting in God’s plan for us is comforting.  Relinquishing that control is freeing, knowing that we are not completely in control of the plan is also terrifying (If you know me that probably doesn’t surprise you since I am such a planner).  I have to admit, it makes it easier to trust in God’s plan since it has already proven to be more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.

So in 2014, I am going to focus on being brave, being brave for my family, for Peyton, for PWS; to dream, to dream big; to believe, to believe in miracles; and to trust, to trust in God’s plan.  During this journey, I will never stop doing all that I can for a cure, I will never stop praying for a miracle, I will never give that up.   Peyton is amazing, and we are crazy about her.  She has such a sweet spirit, an absolutely infectious smile, and she is just magical.  Peyton has no doubt changed our lives for the best.  She has taught us to believe again.  To believe in the possible, the impossible, and most of all in miracles.  She is a very special little girl and we are so grateful to have her as our little girl.

So my mantra for 2014:

Be Brave, Dream, Believe, Trust….repeat, repeat, repeat

I cannot wait to update all of you with Peyton’s progress in 2014.  XO